shutterstock_129389147 copyData show that children between 5 -18 years of age have the highest rates of sports/recreation-related concussion. Sports leagues, school systems, and state legislators throughout the country are enacting policies to protect student athletes from concussion and its devastating long-term cognitive and physical effects. "Sports Concussions: What Every Parent and Athlete Should Know" has been written to help parents, coaches, and athletes gain the most current understanding of concussion, including methods of diagnosis, available treatments, and research advances under study. Most importantly, this book is designed to alert parents to the dangers of concussion and repeat concussion, what critically important steps to take in the event of concussion, which medical specialists provide the optimum care for concussion patients, how-when-and-IF the athlete should return to play, and when an athlete should stop playing contact sports. "Sports Concussions: What Every Parent and Athlete Should Know" presents the most up-to-date medical knowledge about concussion based on extensive personal experience in diagnosing and treating athletes with concussion and on review of the most current and relevant published medical literature available.

“This book is a must read for all parents and coaches of youth who participate in sporting activities.  Concussions have long-range implications and this book provides critical information for dealing with this major medical concern that will impact future quality of life for millions of individuals.”
- C. Sue Combs, Ph.D., Professor, College of Health and Human Services; Program Coordinator of Graduate and Undergraduate Physical Education and Health, University of North Carolina - Wilmington.